The TRosetta Stone document by Mr. Bartoli

This is our first and more detailed document about TR1/2/3 file format. There is a lot of material in it. If you want to do something with TR levels (editors, viewers, ...), you must have it.

TR4 file format by lots of people

This is my recompilation of various documents about TR4 file format. This doc gives only differences between TR3 and TR4 file format. So you must have the TRosetta Stone doc also if you want to have full informations.

Format of files produced by TrViewer

This documentation gives the format of the .trmsh (mesh), .trsmh (static mesh), .trspr (sprite) and .trmvb (moveable) files produced by TrViewer. This doc is not yet really finished and not very friendly to read. I will make a little tool to convert the .xml to a.html easier to cope with. Be warned that this doc will NOT suffice if you plan to reuse the files produced by TrViewer and put them in a TR level. There are some subtleties not described (maybe later, that's a hard work) that you will have to face of. The file TRFile_Convert.cpp in TrViewer sources should fill the holes: the function vConvertToTRLevel() is the function used internally to convert from the format explained in the doc to a format suitable for a TR level. So look at it carefully !